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Journal title : Journal on Mathematics Education
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Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya in collaboration with Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS) 

Journal on Mathematics Education (IndoMS-JME) is a peer-reviewed open-access international journal that has been established to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge in mathematics education. Starting from 2022, IndoMS-JME will be published four times a year. All submitted papers must present new ideas and developments of primary importance in mathematical education and reflect the variety of research concerns within the field and the range of methods used to study them. This journal only publishes articles dealing with didactical, methodological, and pedagogical subjects, rather than with specific programs for teaching mathematics.


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The author has to ensure the manuscript has been prepared using JME's template following the author guidelines and not a single author. The single author's paper is just for the invited author or the author with a great reputation for research or publication in mathematics education. The manuscript should also have been carefully proofread and a similarity check (the proofreading certificate and similarity check result must be attached as a supplementary file in the submission process). Any manuscript that does not meet the author's guidelines, focus, and scope, is written in a different format or has poor English sound will be immediately rejected. Only the manuscript that meets the JME standard will be processed further. 

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Vol. 15 No. 1 (2024): Journal on Mathematics Education

Published: March 1, 2024

Realistic Mathematics Engineering for improving elementary school students’ mathematical literacy

1-26 Linda Nurmasari, Budiyono, Joko Nurkamto, Murni Ramli

The relation between teacher and students' mathematical mindsets to the student’s comprehension of mathematics concepts

27-54 Sugama Maskar, Tatang Herman

Transformation geometry in eleventh grade using digital manipulative batik activities

55-78 Sani Sahara, Maarten Dolk, Agus Hendriyanto, Tri Atmojo Kusmayadi, Laila Fitriana

Adversity quotient of Indonesian prospective mathematics teachers in solving geometry higher-order thinking skills problems

79-98 Lathiful Anwar, Cholis Sa'dijah, Wasilatul Murtafiah, Miftha Huljannah

Comparative study of means of mathematical communication in Japan, Laos, and Thailand

99-114 Duangmanee Ya-amphan, Sampan Thinwiangthong, Phailath Sythong

Toward proficiency: Developing a multiplication mathematical content knowledge test for pre-service mathematics teachers in Indonesia and Türkiye

115-130 Ifada Novikasari, Yüksel Dede

Non-specialist secondary mathematics teachers learning in study groups by engaging with activities of algebra

131-150 Vesife Hatisaru

Construction of reflective thinking: A field independent student in numerical problems

151-172 Setiyani, Stevanus Budi Waluya, Yohanes Leonardus Sukestiyarno, Adi Nur Cahyono

Developing mathematics teaching materials using maritime context for higher-order thinking in junior high school

173-190 Malalina, Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, Zulkardi, Yusuf Hartono

Aligning numeracy task design with SDG goals: Nutrition facts as a context for prospective mathematics teachers' problem posing

191-206 Yurizka Melia Sari, Ahmad Wachidul Kohar, Yulia Izza El Milla, Shofan Fiangga, Dwi Shinta Rahayu

Learning obstacle of probability learning based on the probabilistic thinking level

207-226 Atika Defita Sari, Didi Suryadi, Dadan Dasari

Promoting socioeconomic equity through automatic formative assessment

227-252 Alice Barana, Marina Marchisio Conte

Mathematics learning orientation: Mathematical creative thinking ability or creative disposition?

253-276 Ibrahim, Ibrahim Alhussain Khalil, Rully Charitas Indra Prahmana

What explains early numeracy achievement: A comparison of South Africa and China

277-294 Thukwane Nelisiwe, Ke Yu

Exploring default-interventionist interaction of thinking activity types on probability problem-solving

295-316 Susiswo, Puguh Darmawan, Wasilatul Murtafiah, Sharifah Osman

Students’ mathematics communication behavior: Assessment tools and their application

317-338 Edwin Musdi, Hamdani Syaputra, Arnellis, Yulyanti Harisman
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